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Bill Bishop Answers: The Pension Issue

Bill Bishop, the popular republican who served as City Council President in 2012, and who mounted a respectable run for Mayor, has come out strongly against the Curry Pension Plan. In this exclusive interview with MetroJacksonville he explains why the City Council did not move to fix it sooner and why...

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Stephen Joost Answers: Pension Plan

Former City Council President (and full time accountant) Stephen Joost explains the 1997 background of the Pension Crisis, why he didn't fix the issue when he was President of Council in 2011, and why he cannot support the Curry Plan. Also talks about the savage backlash against him for speaking out...

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Stephen Dare and Trump Surrogate Radio Star Andy Dean

In 2012 Stephen Dare interviewed rising star of right wing talk radio, Andy Dean. Listen to a lively discussion about politics, conservative philosophy and the backstory behind the young man making big waves nationally. This is a matchup that fans of politics will not want to miss. With his Harvard...

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Opinion: Trump Claims to Want to Save our Cities...

Matt Johnson of Greater Greater Washington, our counterparts in DC, writes about the negative impact Donald Trump will have on our cities.

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Push to Make Confederate Statue In Hemming Permanent

A few weeks ago, legislation was demanded (and then proposed) to secure 'historic landmark' status for Hemming Park, specifically to prevent any future discussion of removing the Confederate Monument from the Government district. The measure will be discussed this Wednesday in front of the Historic...

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Republican Convention 1976: Dawn of the Age of Reagan

In anticipation of the upcoming Republican Convention, we thought it would be good to review one of the most pivotal years of the party at Convention. 1976. The year that upstart Ronald Reagan nearly took the nomination (which he ultimately lost to Gerald Ford) and ended up giving a speech on the floor...

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Opinion: Hillary Clinton is Fundamentally Honest

This opinion piece written by Michael Arnovitz and backed by some interesting data is going viral on Facebook. Whether you think high or low of HC, it's definitely worth a read. At the end of the write-up there is a link to another piece where Arnovitz responds to criticisms with a follow-up article.

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