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Bill Delaney: Why I’m Voting for Lenny Curry

Bill Delaney, a long time Metro Jacksonville regular, explains why he's voting for Lenny Curry.

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Arash Kamiar: The Curry Campaign is Fear Mongering

Mayoral candidate Lenny Curry claims that Jacksonville’s crime rates are exploding under Mayor Alvin Brown. In all actuality, violent and property crimes are at the lowest they have been in 18 years.

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Stephen Dare: Mike Williams Best Candidate for Sheriff

The choice for Sheriff seems clearcut. Mike Williams has the experience and the skill set to lead the Sheriff's Office. Stephen Dare makes the case for a pretty conservative guy to take over the top cop job.

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Stephen Dare: Why I am Voting for Anna Brosche

Anna Brosche is one of the brighter lights of this election cycle, and the fact that she is running against one of the more reactionary (and at times incomprehensible) Kimberly Daniels has made this Republican candidate for City Council a sensible choice. Join us after the jump as Stephen Dare explains...

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Arash Kamiar: Let's Not Vote for Lenny Curry

In this op-ed Arash Kamiar writes why he's not voting for this particular Republican candidate.

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Stephen Dare: Why I am Supporting Lisa King

Stephen Dare explains why you should vote for Lisa King in her run for City Council in the upcoming election.

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Leadership Jacksonville on Politics

Jill Dame is Executive Director of Leadership Jacksonville. In this Op-Ed she explains dynamic role of Leadership Jacksonville and its role in politics.

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Parklets of San Francisco

San Francisco-born urban planning tool offers inexpensive model to promote vibrant pedestrian environments and support local businesses in downtown Jacksonville.

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Stephen Dare: Why I am voting for Alvin Brown

Stephen Dare lays out his reasoning for voting for Alvin Brown's second term as Mayor of Jacksonville.

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