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New Jacksonville Farmer's Market Opens

The historic Jacksonville Farmer's Market on Beaver Street recently celebrated the opening of its new sheds. The new location is immediately to the west of the old site, which is now in the process of being demolished in preparation for the expansion of a nearby seafood processing plant.

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Inaugural Springfield Farmers Market Photo Tour

The first ever Springfield Farmers Market successfully kicked off this past Saturday, complete with hot dogs, produce, antiques, clothing, crafts, and rides for the kids.

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Fairfield & East Jacksonville: Photo Tour

Today the area is dominated by heavy industry, major entertainment venues, parking lots and elevated expressways. However, one hundred years ago, the communities of Fairfield and East Jacksonville were two of Jacksonville's early suburbs. This photo tour is intended to give viewers a glimpse of what...

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Have you seen 1661 Riverside lately?

With 1661 Riverside's construction process rapidly coming to an end, one can clearly see the attention paid to detail by Midland Development and the design team of Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Richard Skinner and The Auchter Company. When complete, 1661 Riverside will add 90 multi-family units, adjoining...

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Murray Hill: Neighborhood Photo Tour

Bordered by Interstate 10, Casset Avenue, Park Street and Roosevelt Blvd, Murray Hill is another historic neighborhood in the midst of gentrification. Platted in 1906, incorporated as a separate city in 1916 and annexed by Jacksonville in 1925, the neighborhood consists of a mix of commercial and residential...

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Downtown Construction Update - December 2006

San Marco Place rises above the Skyway lines at Riverplace Station.

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Downtown Living Tour 2006

Take a tour of Downtown Jacksonville's living options.

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Hendricks Avenue Streetscape: Photo Tour

The Hendricks Avenue project extends approximately one mile from Mitchell Avenue to Prudential Drive through a predominantly commercial area. The existing road is a four-lane arterial with no left turn lanes. There is an FEC railroad crossing near the I-95 overpass that will remain. The proposed road...

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Historic Five Points: Jacksonville's Bohemian District

In modern usage, a bohemian can describe any person who lives an unconventional artistic life, where self-expression is the highest value ? that art (acting, poetry, writing, singing, dancing, painting etc) is a serious and main focus of their life. The term was applied particularly to the poets and...

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