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Sneak Preview Event at Phoenix Arts District

Want to get a sneak peek at the new space being developed in the Springfield Area? Like Fashion? Beautiful People? Loved going to the Pearl? Check out the event being staged at the great space being transformed by Christie Frazier: A Bobby K Fashion Show, The Pearl Reunion Party, and Perversion Magazine’s...

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San Jose: Mature 1920s Jacksonville suburbia

What is now recognized as the neighborhood of San Jose, 4.5 miles south of Jacksonville, was originally envisioned to be a grand master-planned development.

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Photos: Springfield's 2016 Spring Home Tour

This year's well attended Springfield Home Tour featured six houses ranging from a 1908 Colonial Revival to a 2014 net-zero bungalow.

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Historic Springfield's 2016 Tour of Homes

Grab your bicycle, slip on your flip flops (or drive if you must) and enjoy touring seven unique venues, both historic and modern, on the 2016 Historic Springfield Tour of Homes on May 21st & 22nd. Purchase your tickets early now for a discount (

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Exploring Arlington: The Residential Waterfront

Arlington may forever be known as Jacksonville's first major post-war suburb built for the accommodation of the automobile. However, its residential architectural diversity and mature landscape are overlooked assets that make it unique in Jacksonville.

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Chilling Creekside in Florida Cracker Country

Life in Cross Creek looks, sounds and feels like something in a storybook. Just southeast of Gainesville is the same Florida scrub country American literary figure Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings wrote about in Cross Creek and Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Yearling.

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Casadega: Town of Psychics and Spiritualists in Florida

The spirit of the central Florida enclave of Cassadaga can be found in the details. It’s in the tall, old houses with the wild front lawns; it’s in the seemingly high number of black cats wandering the streets; it’s in the peeling street signs bearing strange names; it’s in the drapes blowing...

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