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Changing Jacksonville: Then and Now

A comparison of 1943 and 2016 aerials illustrating the impact of expressways penetrating through various Jacksonville neighborhoods and districts.

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The death of a neighborhood: Inside Public School #8

Ennis Davis, AICP of takes a look inside a closed inner city Jacksonville public school and ponders the negative impact on the surrounding community.

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Remembering The Richmond Hotel

Now occupied by the DeLoach Furniture Company, the Richmond Hotel is one of a handful of historically significant buildings that survived the 1990s demolition derby party held in LaVilla.

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Red Grange and the Chicago Bears Barnstorm to Jax

Ken Bowen, the author of Big League City: 100 Years of Football in Jacksonville, shares the story of Jacksonville's first professional football game.

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The Story of Dixieland Park

Modern Cities and Transform Jax share a story by Mike Goldman about the rise and fall of an early Jacksonville amusement park: Dixieland Park

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Remembering Oriental Gardens

Situated just south of Craig Creek in San Marco, Oriental Gardens charmed Jacksonville visitors for nearly two decades.

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Springfield's 1st Railroad: Life After Camp Cuba Libre

Most know it as a wide linear green strip of overgrown vegetation serving as the border between Springfield and the Eastside. 125 years ago, this forgotten path was primed to become a major gateway into Florida's largest city. Today, we take a look at the rise and fall of a former Springfield railroad...

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Annie Lytle Public School (Public School # 4)

It has captured the imaginations of Jaxons for decades. In this essay, photographic artist David Gano captures incredible images of what's happening inside Annie Lytle Public School.

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Great Ideas; No Action: 10 Projects That Never Happened

Over the past 100 years, Jacksonville has been an epicenter of economic opportunity. It's also been a place where dreams have come to die. Here's 10 proposals with some merit that, for a variety of reasons, ultimately failed to materialize into reality.

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