Author Topic: Child Rape Video and Porn involving 5 yo found with School Principal.  (Read 11919 times)


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A federal jury has determined a former Duval County guidance counselor and Nassau County principal is guilty of storing child pornography — including a video of a girl being raped and pictures he’d taken of a 5-year-old — on his home computer.

Robert Allan Cowan, 48, was convicted on seven charges after the panel of nine women and three men deliberated for two hours Thursday in U.S. District Court in Jacksonville.

Cowan was fired from his job at Fort Caroline Middle School after his August 2009 arrest. He had been a career educator who took a guidance counselor post at the school after having been a principal at Yulee Primary School and an assistant principal at Arlington Middle School.

Cowan continues to face child-molestation charges in state court that stem from the same investigation. A day care worker reported Cowan to authorities based on suspicious statements a 5-year-old had made about him.

Authorities said the child was not a student of Cowan’s.

The federal case focused on picture and video files investigators found on Cowan’s computer while looking into the child’s allegations. Prosecutor Rodney Brown argued to the jury that Cowan’s hard drive had a cache of images and a video of a young girl being raped by a man who told her “good girl” during the act.

“I don’t care for the term 'child porn.' It trivializes what we’re talking about. What we’re talking about are images and videos of children being raped and brutalized that will be on the Internet forever,” Brown said.

Intermingled with downloaded images were pictures of the 5-year-old girl. Although Cowan had taken literally thousands of photographs of the child that would be wholesome enough for a family album, there were nude shots as well that Brown said Cowan tried to keep hidden.

There also was evidence that Cowan had tried to delete hundreds of images. Authorities recovered them during a search of the hard drive.

Cowan’s lawyer, Charles Truncale, argued that the deleting — which was thorough enough it took digital forensics experts to reverse it — was proof that Cowan did not have a porn habit. He was trying to distance himself from unwelcome images that came bundled in the website searches Cowan, an enthusiast in Asian culture and the martial arts, was performing as research.

“He deleted things. We’re told he continued to download, but he did not knowingly download,” Truncale said.

Brown countered that Cowan could not explain why authorities also found a list of search terms on the computer. Some, such as “pedo,” part of the word “pedophile,” were somewhat obscure. But others, such as “kids need sex too” were too obvious to ignore.

Cowan, who has since been divorced, will be sentenced within the next 90 days. What he's facing isn't totally clear, although the Justice Department says several of the charges, individually, could carry up to 30 years.
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Re: Child Rape Video and Porn involving 5 yo found with School Principal.
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I'd call him a pig, but I like pigs.

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Re: Child Rape Video and Porn involving 5 yo found with School Principal.
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I'd call him a pig, but I like pigs.

For real.  This kind of thing makes me want to home school but then again I don't want to be the parent who shields my kids from everything either.  

Somebody said it best the other day in a comment on about a person on parole.  They said that a guy was up for parole who killed a child and the mother of the child went to his parole hearing.  

She told the board that she wants him to get out of jail...and when he gets out...she will be waiting for him!  
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