Should there be an ADA Handicapped watercraft hand launch parking spot at the DCPS building next to the JEA property?

7 (43.8%)
9 (56.3%)

Total Members Voted: 16

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Re: ADA Handicapped Community Issue
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Where is the Riverkeeper on this?

Agenda item IV of the 11/12/15 Jacksonville Waterways Commission agenda reads:
    Presentation on specific Notice of Proposed Change to the Consolidated Downtown Development of Regional Impact
    Speaker-Aundra Wallace, Downtown DEVELOPMENT Authority
    Speaker- Guy Parola, Downtown DEVELOPMENT Manager

Another agenda item VIII under New Business reads:
    Waterways Access, Beth Meyer (Chief of DISABLED Services)

Some thoughts and concerns. Also, Please continue to vote.
Nobody from JEA was there that I am aware of to speak as the present owners of the property.
Aundra Wallace was a No Show. Is it the DIA or DDA? When did the Authority Change or just a typo?
The legislation is 2015-777 and was not assigned to Waterways  but was there to side on caution because of the Waterways component of the project. And because of the legislative calendar to move this through.
Waterways approved the project with a Resolution of support.

I spoke with Mike Balanky prior to his presentation and he is supportive of an ADA handicapped watercraft hand launch spot next to his project.  I have met with JEA and the opportunity for an ADA handicapped watercraft hand launch parking spot lies solely with those that are making the decisions for the school board property. I wanted to reach out to Mike and Elements because they would be neighbors to this ADA Handicapped Public hand launch parking spot. He supports it. Mike, correct me if I'm wrong with that. Please.

Now agenda item VIII under New Business
    WATERWAYS ACCESS, Beth Meyer(Chief of Disabled Services)

Talk about timing!

Beth, talked about "Project Civic Access" This is a Program of the U.S. Department of Justice

There are a number of bullet points but here is the last one.
The DOJ Settlement Agreement is managed in the Disabled Services Division and includes ALL COJ properties and programs.

2016-18 and the $100,000 plus ADA//USA/DIA/DOJ/EPB/FWC/SNL/CRA/OGC/KJB/FBI Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos A or F Non motorized hand launch at the DCPS (Duval County Public School) property. Governor Scott was supportive of the project when told at a chance meeting that I had with the Governor that Jacksonville Waterway Commission member Ray Pringle was supportive of this during a FIND JWC subcommittee. So we aren't LOST.
2017-181- OGC- Office of Grading Criteria. Active legislation.

67 counties in the state of Florida
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Re: ADA Handicapped Community Issue
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Every news organization today 4/19/17 needs to shoot footage of the Secretary of Education Betay DeVos A or F Launch at the DCPS property.
Council President Lori Boyer brought this up at the 4-12/17 full meeting of the Jacksonville Waterways Commission.
The School Board meeting tonight will hear from Dr. Vitti who was just picked for the job in Detroit.

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