Top Jaguars at Training Camp? Jax Sports Media Picks!

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It's Monday. The day off. The media gets an unveiling tour of the new US Assure Club areas and the players get a day of rest. In the meantime, Warren Skeels asked Jacksonville's sports media figures and commentators to pick the most impressive players from Training Camp! Join us after the jump for their choices and weigh in with your opinions in the comments!

Says Warren: "I spoke with the major media players not affiliated with (lov'em but biased) to get their take on the following question:"

Who is the most impressive player so far in the Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp 2016?

Perhaps a silly question, because anybody can look good without pads in no tackle drills. But, nonetheless, here are their responses. (starting with my own pick)

Warren Skeels (

Malik Jackson - "Jackson looks to be worth every penny Caldwell invested in him.  Team guy. Motor doesn't quit.  And, I haven't seen anyone stop him yet.  He has set the aggressive defensive tone at every practice.

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Ryan O'Halloran (Florida Times-Union | Jaguars Beat Writer):

Allen Robinson - "He has picked up where he left off last year. He looks ready for Green Bay."

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