Omega Allen Statement and Clarification on HRO

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Candidate for Mayor, Omega Allen, presents her case for seeking Mayor of Jacksonville and clears up the misquoting of her position on the Human Rights Ordinance

I am a native of Jacksonville...I love this place and the people. As Mayor, I want to restore Jacksonville to a City where ALL citizens THRIVE and PROSPER by creating opportunities for the PEOPLE to experience the life they desire and deserve through sustaining-wage employment and wealth building opportunities. I believe government is supposed to be “For and By the PEOPLE.” That happens through an administration with Honesty, Accountability, and Transparency as its administration that provides an avenue by which the VOICE of the PEOPLE is heard and the desires of the PEOPLE are the driving force for progress.

I will use the power of the office to influence our mass transit system to become the best it can be, serving the needs of ALL of Jacksonville...changing the way WE see and use our bus system. I will fight to make our School System one that is safe for ALL students...a system that is free from BULLYING...a system that produces competitive graduates at a higher rate and pays our teachers well. I will work with the Sheriff to facilitate improved community relationships that foster mutual respect and a safe environment for our YOUTH through crime PREVENTION activities. Downtown, the HEART of our City is rapidly dying. My plan to resuscitate Downtown starts with properly caring for our HOMELESS population and ends with residential, retail, and entertainment that makes YOU proud to call Jacksonville HOME.

I hold an MBA and I am a Ph.D. ABD in Public Administration. I’m a former City Program Manager (Neighborhood Stabilization Program) with a $26.2 Million budget and Chair of a quasi government agency (Northwest Jacksonville Economic Development Trust Fund) managing $25 Million of the Better Jacksonville Plan that focused on economic development so I know how the City functions in many aspects. I’ve owned several businesses and I’m life-long resident. I have the academic credibility, knowledge, and relationships with experts in all key areas pertaining to government and I have assembled a team...the BEST Jacksonville has ever seen...of the best and brightest minds in and FROM Jacksonville to tackle the problems plaguing us today and GET THE JOB DONE.

On the Human RIghts Ordinance

I’m grateful for this opportunity to correct a mis-quote in an article. What I said was,

 “I am strongly against anyone being denied the right to housing and employment. I am in favor of crafting a document that reflects and protects those rights.”

As Mayor, I will look at the various perspectives in light of the overall objectives. As a sworn Public Official, I will uphold the law and govern the City accordingly. I will make concessions when required and seek to understand the positions and feelings behind those positions; even if I don’t agree. I will look for ways to satisfy the needs of all of the citizens. When everyone cannot be satisfied I will make the hard decision to do what is best for everyone concerned; even if that decision is not popular. I will go the extra mile in explaining decisions so that ALL can understand what I am doing and why...even if they don’t agree. This approach to problem solving is indicative of the respect and understanding that I know everyone wants and is entitled to receive.