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Jax Cash Mob heading to Reddi Arts this Saturday

The Jax Cash Mob will once again demonstrate the benefits of supporting locally owned small businesses on Saturday May 11 as we ‘mob’ Reddi Arts beginning at 11AM.

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In a departure from previous events, the target store will be donating 15% of sales from the cash mob to be used for the maintenance and conservation of public art installations.  Money spent at the Jax Cash Mob will not only be supporting a locally owned small business, but will also be used to repair the Art In Public Places public art installation entitled “No Couch Potatoes Here” located at the Police Athletic League at Ed Austin Regional Park.  Afterwards, participants will reconvene at High Tide Burrito for lunch and socializing.  High Tide Burrito has agreed to donate 10% of sales towards the maintenance and conservation of public art installations as well.

What is a Cash Mob?

Well, it’s a good kind of mob for your city.  A Cash Mob is a group of people who assemble at a local business for the purpose of buying items from that business, en masse.  Quite simply, a Cash Mob is a ‘shop local’ flash mob created to spur economic stimulus for a locally owned business.  The money spent demonstrates a personal commitment and effort to support a local independent retailer in a fun and exciting way.  These events not only provide a financial and morale boost to a local business owner, but they also give ‘Mobbers’ the opportunity to meet new people.

There are three simple rules for a Cash Mob:

1-Spend $10-20 at a local store
2-Meet three new people

When we buy local, from local businesspeople, wealth is both created and retained in the community.  Studies show that for every $100 dollars spent at an independent business, the local economy gets a return of $68 as opposed to $43 when that same amount is spent at a national chain (  When we shop local, we are choosing to make an investment in our community and economy.

“I’m really excited about this twist on the Jax Cash Mob as participants will be able to directly support both local businesses and local art.  Locally owned small businesses are the backbone of our local economy, civic life and local charities.  By adding a donation component to our event, cash mobbers can see the immediate benefits of supporting our independent shopkeepers,” notes Jax Cash Mob organizer Mike Field.

Reddi Arts is located at 1037 Hendricks Ave and High Tide Burrito is located at 1538 Hendricks Ave.

For more information, follow Jax Cash Mob on Facebook at

 About Jax Cash Mob

Formed in April 2012, the Jax Cash Mob seeks to support locally owned businesses in Downtown and the In Town Neighborhoods of Avondale, Murray Hill, Riverside, San Marco and Springfield.  Combining the power of social media and camaraderie, Jax Cash Mob has held over a dozen ‘mobs’ promoting the benefits of shopping locally.

About the Art in Public Places Program

The City of Jacksonville’s Art in Public Places Program founded in 1997 has been administered by the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville since 2006.   Together with the Council, the Art in Public Places Committee strives to acquire, maintain and perform responsible stewardship of public art through the City to enhance the stature of the City through the commitment to artists to artists and their disciplines as vital elements of urban dynamics and economic development.

Source: Jax Cash Mob



May 07, 2013, 07:49:11 AM
What a wonderful event!


May 07, 2013, 08:59:16 AM
Hope to see some new and familiar faces Saturday at 11AM.

Not only are you supporting a local business, you'll be contributing to the restoration of at least one piece of the public art collection administered by the Art In Public Places program.

Plus, Reddi Arts is a cool (and HUGE) local business that's a great alternative to a place like Staples... and High Tide has some seriously good queso  :)


May 09, 2013, 01:21:36 PM
Mike, You had a super plug on First Coast Connect today from Ross and the Specktator. Your a Jacksonville genius. There compliments and I do agree. Think about doing something for 2009-442 the Artificial Reef Trust Fund. 6 Permitted Reefs south of the Fuller Warren. Boyer is props in this happening for our Region.

I believe Firehouse Subs could get behind this. "The Hook and Sinker" Use the Godbold Fire boat. Khan's yacht. Downtown is a Destination and not a pass through. Rumor has it that city council will be donating a chair for each artificial reef.


May 10, 2013, 11:15:26 AM
Thanks Noone.

Hope to see new and old faces tomorrow.
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