A Chef's List for Dining in Jacksonville

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Stephen Dare has 20 years of experience at Restaurant ownership and cafe development. 30 years of professional experience as a chef. In this article he provides a short and impolitic list of the best food and dining options in the city from a purely food based perspective. Join us after the jump and weigh in!

9  Florida Yacht Club.  This isn't a public restaurant, but consistently some of the best food, expertly prepared in the city.  Their treatment of Salmon should get them mitigatory points when trying to explain why anyone should be admitted to heaven.

10. BBs.  
1019 Hendricks Ave  Jacksonville, FL 32207
(904) 306-0100

11. Chomp Chomp.  
106 E. Adams st.
Jacksonville, FL
(904) 762-4667

Hipster guys passionate about food working in a tiny kitchen that looks like something straight off the linoleum and fluorescent circuit tour in San Francisco. Excellent, inventive perfectly priced food. Seating is a premium, but this is one of the true joys of Jacksonville

That's my list. For now. I will add to it. I didn't include any restaurants from the Beaches. That's another article and an entirely different class of food.

Any other chefs care to share your private list?

Article byStephen Dare
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Check out Stephen Dare's "A Chef's List for Dining In Jacksonville."

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