A Chef's List for Dining in Jacksonville

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Stephen Dare has 20 years of experience at Restaurant ownership and cafe development. 30 years of professional experience as a chef. In this article he provides a short and impolitic list of the best food and dining options in the city from a purely food based perspective. Join us after the jump and weigh in!

2.  Bold Bean Coffee.  
869 Stockton St #1  Jacksonville, FL 32204
(904) 855-1181

I would also stack Bold Bean up as one of the top 10 coffeehouses in the United States. By far they are the best coffeehouse available in the State of Florida, and in my pretty extensive experience they are also easily the best coffeehouse in the entire Southeast. There simply is no comparison to them. The coffee cost more than the other coffee joints in town, but it is appropriately priced for the supreme quality of the product and the natural excellence of all the choices of the proprietors.

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