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Kona Skatepark is one of the oldest and most extraordinary skateboarding venues in the United States, and they are about to sponsor a major event in downtown Jacksonville. MetroJacksonville is proud to cosponsor the Florida Bowlriders Cup, March 15-17! Once again Kona is blazing the way in the future of Skating with this latest gamechanging format. Join us for details after the Jump!

Florida's Bowl Riders Cup in Jacksonville, FL

Bowl parks are designed to emulate and improve upon the pool skating experience. Skaters in bowl parks can move around the park without taking their feet off the board to push. The curved walls of bowls allow skaters to ride around and across the bowl in addition to the back and forth skating you might see on a traditional half pipe. Bowls and bowl parks come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes but most bowls are between 3' and 12’ deep, and the rise of bowl parks has driven the evolution of bowl skating and Bowl Rider Events.

Kona has embraced this sea change in the sport and has hosted the Bowl Riders Cup for the past few years.

Florida Bowlriders Cup  brings together one-hundred of the worlds top amateur and professional skateboarders.  Established in 2007, it is the ultimate in grassroots competition.  Pro's, Masters, Women and Amateurs compete and skate together over a multi-event weekend.  Points are accumulated from two different venues, over a three-day span, to crown a champion.  Participants may take advantage of the Kona Campgrounds and all the extra's and side events that happen throughout the weekend.    Its an experience of a lifetime for both competitors, spectators and families.

This years event is NOT invite only, but past competitors get priority
There are 100 spots available - first come first serve
email martin@konaskatepark.com for entry info.