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Gingerbread House Extravaganza 2012

The Jacksonville Historical Society's Gingerbread House Extravaganza returns for 2012.

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About The Gingerbread Extravaganza

The Jacksonville Historical Society’s annual Gingerbread Extravaganza showcases some of the most creative art exhibited during the year in Jacksonville. Gingerbread and confection creations from traditional houses to animals and fairy tale themes offer holiday magic. Hundreds of hours are required for the construction of these edible structures – amazing sights to behold!

When Is The Event?

Enjoy the Extravaganza from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Saturday, December 1st through the 22nd.

Where Is It Held

At Old St. Andrews, the headquarters of the Jacksonville Historical Society, which is located at 317 A. Phillip Randolph Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32202, across the street from Veterans Memorial Arena.

What Will It Cost?

This is an important fundraiser for the Jacksonville Historical Society. The suggested donation for Adults is $5. For children aged 3 -16, the suggested donation is $3. Infants are free.

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Adam W

December 09, 2012, 09:24:47 AM


December 09, 2012, 10:29:52 PM
I went to this back when the church tours were going on (I miss those) and it's pretty awesome. If I recall, they had some neat historic jax literature on sale too. All worth checking out.

Wacca Pilatka

December 11, 2012, 11:43:25 AM
Great event.  The piece de resistance is the unbelievably detailed gingerbread St. James Building, complete with Cohen's window displays.

There are many books on Jax history for sale as well as ornaments of Jax landmarks and historical photos.
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