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Exploring Montréal as a Next City Vanguard

Ennis Davis, AICP provides a review of Next City's 2017 Vanguard Conference...

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Florida's Bike Share Programs & Who's Next

Modern Cities shares a quick run down of Florida's existing bike share...

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12 amazing restaurants opening in downtown

Downtown's culinary scene appears to be kicking into overdrive. Here are...

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Jax's Shotguns: A Dying Vintage Tiny House Breed

In recent years, the idea of downsizing to a home that everyone can afford...

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Top 100 US Cities Ranked By 2016 Population

The Census Bureau recently released their 2016 estimates for the country's...

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North Shore: The Northside's Best Kept Secret

Once the Jacksonville's northern border along the Trout River, North Shore...

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Brooklyn's Avon Apartments destroyed by fire

This article by Dr. Tim Gilmore of highlights the history...

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A New Kind of Artist Housing Is Changing Neighborhoods

Shared ownership model of artist housing transforming Indianapolis blocks...

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10 Free Things To Do In Jacksonville

If you live in Jacksonville, then you already know—there is always something...

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