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Lenny Curry's Vision For Jacksonville

Soon Lenny Curry will officially become the new Mayor of Jacksonville....

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Video: I-95 Overland Bridge Construction Update

An update by the Florida Department of Transportation on the construction...

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The Burger Wars of Jacksonville

“Casual” or “fast-casual” food chains seem to be springing up all...

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6 Lost Districts of Downtown Jacksonville

A district is defined as an area of a country or city, regarded as a distinct...

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Visions of Vibrancy: Brooklyn

The vibrancy of cities comes in all shapes and sizes. Many believe that...

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Authentic Jacksonville: The City Market

By the late 19th century, Jacksonville's 31 wharfs were home to piers,...

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Maglev Train Coming to the Sunshine State?

Central Florida may soon be on its way to becoming the transit capitol...

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Bill Delaney: Why I’m Voting for Lenny Curry

Bill Delaney, a long time Metro Jacksonville regular, explains why he's...

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7 Unique Products Produced in Jacksonville

Jacksonville's manufacturing scene is a Florida anomaly. Jacksonville is...

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